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Welcome To Be Youuu:

       We engage in the process of supporting Transgender, Nonbinary/NGC youth and adults to become confident, resilient and compassionate community members and/or leaders.
 At THE BE YOUU Org we also target individuals In the community effected by extreme high-risk sexual behavior,drugs, alcoholism, shelter and even suicidal issues.

Our target service populations are Transgender, Non-binary,and NGC 
Individuals of color. Primarily residing in the rural metro areas of Pulaski County (not limited to one city/state), which encompasses our State Capitol (Little Rock). Statistical based data (ADH) centers us to focus on individuals of ages 16 and older. Arkansas is listed as of of the 7 states in which  which 10% more new HIV/Communicable diseases were populated within the rural area. With the set backs and unforseen causes with Covid-19 , which disproportionately impacted the LGBTQ community. Without realistic discussions and specific strategies pertaining to Trans and NGC inclusion and visibility; we can reasonably anticipate the rising cases of HIV and suicide to continue.  because we aren't able to provide resources and care for all Transgender and non-binary individuals of color.

EST MAY 12,2021 
 This is a organization that's vitally needed in our Transgender and Non Non-binary community for individuals in Little Rock, Arkansas (Pulaski County) but not limited to any other city or state for individuals of color. 

Our main objective is to focus on individuals of color, BUT BE YOUUU IS FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO IDENTIFY AS TRANS OR NON-BINARY and NGC!

This organization will prove that we are here and will be treated as equals as applied to our cis gendered community. In conclusion the ending results will be EQUITY!

BE YOUUU was chosen to be the organization's name because we want our individuals to BE THEM AT All TIMES! 
It stands for the significant value of being who you truly are with our program. No more hiding or being dishonest with yourself, individuals can be true to their authentic self!
  They will be able to successfully obtain goals to be a functioning part of today's ever changing society no matter their gender or sexual identity.

 I, Keon Anderson (KO DIOR SR.) Began THE HOUSE OF DIOR IN 2003 here in Little Rock, Arkansas by way of Jackson , Mississippi in a brutal environment in the LGBTQ community here. 

House of Dior was the first black lesbian gay family in Little Rock.
I acquired a total of 40 children, grandchildren and brothers ranging from the ages of 16-25. I couldn't help but notice that there so many others like myself (lesbian at the time) without any type of  guidance or skills. Due to the circumstances of them being who they are, parents not wanting to accept them forcing them out of the home and on the streets. Little to no help in a world that's cutthroat and cruel.

I knew I had to make a change to make something happen for these kids so I made it my business to become their father.  To them it was PAWPAW and they were my family. From my own personal experiences I assisted them with mental/emotional stability and educated them on sexual awareness. It wasn't yet discussed about transitioning but we use pronouns "he/him" when referring to masculine individuals. The mother of the house along with the daughters were respected and treated as such referring to them as her/she.

BE YOUUU is my vision for my State, projecting to expand it to Nationwide for our Transgender and non-binary of color. I've made too many mistakes and bad decisions in my life. I wasn't always set up this way. I use to be into drugs, guns, in and out of trouble and living in my truth has lead me all the way to become the man I am today!
I don't mind sharing my story and letting my testimony be the motivational reason as to why I am still here. At 32 years of age I found myself stagnant with nothing to look forward to.

I began hosting LITTLE ROCK'S BLACK 
 PRIDE for the last 3 years since I set forth to live in my truth. I received an award of acknowledgement from the family of Dior and the community Leaders for being a resourse and being the first openly Transmale In Little Rock, AR.

May of 2016 at the age of 38 is when I fully started my FTM transition into
Keon Anderson.
 Through the process of researching hormone therapy and sources that I could get access to. I was apart of a NON-COLLEGIATE FRATERNITY in which I had the chance to meet and interact with other transmasculinie people like myself.  I took my destiny in who I am into my hands.