Be Present
 Be Heard 

 The BE YOUUU Mission :

To recognize and uplift our  transgender and non-binary youth & adults in a positive, non-judgmental environment.  Adamantly making mentoring  the primary focus in order for them to become
leaders in the community. Expressing their creative individuality while remaining humble.

Promoting mental and health awareness to all who identity as such, striving to secure imaginable success within ourselves first and then moving forward.
 We LIVE for today in order to make a transition into tomorrow! Be YOUUU holds value to morality, confidence and the empowerment of being your true authentic self.
   #BeYoUUU #WeAreHere

A. To become a safe haven for individuals to interact  with others. To be able to have a real place to call "home" to express themselves in a environment with like-minded individuals 

B.  Mentorship resources on Healthcare Services, Housing, Career/Job Skills  and assist with daily situations that arise.

C. Recognition of others and testimonials related to their story living fearless in the face of adversity. True light can shine without judgment. Thus, resulting in memorable and remarkable life.